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Since 1958, Choate's has been the go-to source for New Home Construction in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas.

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With the rate that new homes are being built, a qualified and speedy HVAC company is vital to the industry. Choate’s Air Condition & Heating has maintained our excellence in this field. Over recent years, Choate’s Air Condition & Heating has been one of the leaders in the installation and design of air conditioning and heating systems for residential new construction. We work with both volume and custom home builders to maximize your indoor air comfort level.

In 2006 alone, we installed our air conditioning and heating systems in over 280 new homes. We work with the largest builders in the Mid-South but love the personal touches of custom homes. What sets Choate’s Air Condition & Heating apart is our attention to the detail in your new home’s air handling system.

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We know that your home is your retreat from the hectic world, and you deserve to be comfortable. Other companies will size your air conditioning and heating equipment by the square footage of your home – that’s just asking for trouble. We run a “Manual J” load on every installation job we do. This load calculation gives us the precise size of equipment that your home requires to keep your home as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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