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Choate's plumbing professionals are available around the clock to perform regular drain maintenance, emergency drain cleaning services, and sewer cleaning. Our professional drain cleaning services include floor drains, storm drains, sewer drains, downspout drains, and more.

What to Expect During Drain Cleaning Service?

Drain clogs and wastewater backups will bring your plumbing system to a standstill. When it's time for drain cleaning service, you need reliable, trustworthy drain cleaning from a local plumber who knows how to treat you right— you need the experts at Choate's plumbing service!

Here's what to expect when you contact us for drain cleaning services and what you can do to be prepared for it.

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What happens during a drain cleaning call?

When contacted for professional drain cleaning services, our staff will always greet you in a friendly manner. We'll put on shoe covers to protect your home, then we'll:

  • Ask Questions

    To get a better idea of your home and plumbing history, we'll ask you a series of questions. We'll need to know how long your plumbing problem has been occurring if it has occurred before, and what those times were like.

  • Outline the Plan

    We'll make sure you know what to expect, explaining the next steps such as the diagnostic process, camera inspection, and drain cleaning service. 

  • Perform Diagnostics

    We'll diagnose any problems with your plumbing fixtures and locate any backups. This step helps us decide the best equipment for the job. 

  • Prepare the Work Area

    We'll establish clear access to the work area and put down drop cloths to shield your home. 

  • Clear The Drain

    We'll clear the pipes or sewer line of the blockage using our drain cleaning equipment. If the clog is outside of the line or the line cannot be cleared, we'll proceed with camera diagnostics to determine the scope of the problem. 

  • Test Your Fixtures

    Once the sewer line is fully drained of sewage, we'll run several fixtures at once to test the flow.  

  • Conduct a final camera inspection

    After we've cleared your sewer line and cleaned your drains, we'll identify the cause of the clog using a camera inspection. A camera inspection may reveal damaged or broken sewer lines. If so, your plumber would recommend repair or replacement to avoid future sewer line problems. 

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They give you an accurate estimate of the cost before they start the work so you know exactly what you are dealing with. They are a first-class company!
Karin M.
Drain Cleaning
Choate's is one of the best HVAC companies I've had the pleasure of dealing with in Midtown. They're honest, affordable and very responsive.
Anna Brown
Drain Cleaning
The technician and the answering service both were very professional and there was no pushy pitch! I would recommend Tony, class act and person.
Daimon Russell
Drain Cleaning