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Indoor Humidifier Systems near Memphis, TN

You can combat dry air by getting houseplants, drying clothes on racks and placing bowls of water on radiators or heat registers. Getting a humidifier is also an excellent idea. Read further to learn how humidifiers work and how they can benefit you and your home. 

What Is a Humidifier?

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, alleviating the discomfort of having dry skin, nose and throat. While it's effective at preventing dryness, a humidifier must be used properly to avoid excessive moisture that may lead to pest infestations or structural problems.

You can use different types of humidifiers for your home. A central humidifier is ideal for increasing humidity in the entire home — it's usually built into your heating or cooling system. Portable evaporator humidifiers can only be used in one room at a time, making them less versatile than whole house humidifiers.

Portable steam vaporizers are electric humidifiers that are budget-friendly. However, they're not a good option for homes with children and pets as can they cause burns. If you have children at home, impeller humidifiers are ideal because they create cool mist. The latter is also cost-effective. However, impeller humidifiers can only be used in one room like an evaporator. Contact professionals if you need a humidifier system for your home; our team can help you make an informed decision on choosing the best humidifier for you.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

Dry air can cause a lot of problems to your health and home. It can irritate your nose, eyes, throat and skin. When dry air starts to absorb the moisture from your home, wooden furniture can crack and paper decor may become brittle. Dryness can also cause gaps in your walls or ceilings. Static electricity may build up when the air is too dry. If you feel those electric shocks when touching a doorknob, the culprit is almost always the dry air. 

A humidifier can prevent dry air, since it adds moisture. You need it to control the humidity levels in your home. However, ensure your unit is properly maintained to avoid mold growth, dust mites and other harmful bacteria. 

To avoid problems, clean the humidifier regularly and use it only when you need to. If you have a portable humidifier, clean it at least twice a week to remove any deposit or scale that has formed on the interior surface. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation on how to use and maintain the humidifier to avoid problems. 

What Are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

Using a humidifier can help control the humidity levels in your home. As a result, wooden furniture or flooring may last longer. Proper humidity levels can also prevent cracked walls and static electricity from building up. Most importantly, it may prevent cold and allergy-related symptoms. 

Energy consumption is more efficient with a humidifier designed for whole house use. Portable humidifiers for tend to consume similar amounts of energy, but only humidify one room. 

You can maximize the benefits of your humidifier system by regularly maintaining the device. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation on how to maintain your humidifier or contact a technician. 

Do Humidifiers Help With a Cough?

Inhaling dry air may worsen cough symptoms because it makes coughing mucus harder. A humidifier can alleviate this problem by moisturizing your nasal passages and throat. It may also relieve cough caused by bronchitis, but not from asthma. 

Do Humidifiers Help With Congestion?

When the air is too dry, mucus becomes thicker, making it difficult to remove. Using a humidifier can help loosen the mucus, helping clear your stuffy nose. To help relieve congestion, we recommend using a humidifier that creates a cool mist. 

Do Humidifiers Help With Allergies?

A humidifier can moisten your nasal tissues, allowing you to blow out the allergens and alleviate allergy symptoms. While it can soothe sinus passages, make sure your unit is well-maintained and kept clean. Fine debris particles, dust and mold from the humidifier may also lead to increased allergy symptoms. 

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Evaporative humidifiers use a wick filter and a fan to add moisture to the air. The filter absorbs the water and the fan blows air through it. This type can also be integrated into your heating HVAC system. If you have a steam humidifier, this works by boiling the water and then releasing the steam into the home. 

An impeller humidifier works by using rotating disks running at high speeds, while the ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic frequency when creating a cool mist. Both may be affordable options, but they also carry some risks. The water can become stagnant when their tanks aren't cleaned regularly. Any bacteria from the stagnant water can be transferred to your home, causing more problems. 

Why Choose Us for Your Indoor Humidifier System?

If you have dry lips and skin or when you get static electricity shocks, the air in your home may be too dry. You need to contact us for an indoor humidifier system installation. Which type of humidifier depends on the size of your home. If you have a lot of rooms in your home, we recommend getting a whole house humidifier.

Choate's is a family-owned HVAC company that serves homeowners and businesses in Memphis and surrounding areas. Our 60-plus years of industry experience shows our commitment to providing exceptional HVAC service. Our technicians can install almost all types of indoor humidifier systems, including whole house humidifiers. If you need help choosing which type to install, our team can assist.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Dirt, dust, mold, and various other irritants can build up within various components of your HVAC system, reducing the efficiency of your system as well as the quality of the air in your home. Because your heater and air conditioner are constantly recirculating air, you will want to ensure that this air is pure and clean with the solutions below.

Physical Filters

There are different filters you can incorporate into your system, which will physical trap particles like dust and mold spores. These should be replaced often as part of your seasonal HVAC maintenance.

UV Lights

UV light use ultraviolet light to zap contaminants that a standard filter might miss. These air purification systems can be installed within your ductwork, so they remain out of the way, ensuring that air is cleaned at the source.


Humidity control can be helpful when it comes to reducing allergy and asthma symptoms at home, so you might invest in a humidifier to reintroduce moisture to the air when you run the furnace during the winter. This can keep you more comfortable and allow you to breathe easier.

Air Duct Cleaning

With no added equipment, air duct cleaning helps you boost the performance of your HVAC system and clean the air in your home. Professional duct cleaning will reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth by clearing out pockets of dust, where mold can grow. Additionally, this will clear your system of blockages so that air flows freely, reducing stress on your system.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Choate’s Air Conditioning and Heating can help you with any of your Indoor Air Quality problems. Choate’s has a vast knowledge of the newest products that are available today and the experience to install them properly. Here are some of the products available.

Media Filters

At Choate’s, we know the Mid-south area can be tough on allergy sufferers. That’s why we install our standard filter sizes of 20″x25″4″ or 16″x25″x4″. We sell our filters for half the price you will pay anywhere else, and the best part is that you do not have to change them for up to 3-6 months, depending on house hold conditions. Now available: (2) Free filters for each system with a purchase of our PCA.

High Efficiency Filtration Systems

Choate’s Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is pleased to provide you with the best air quality possible. We can upgrade your air filtration system to our standard 4″ Media filter, to washable air filters, or to our best Infinity Air Purifier that can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If allergies are a bother and you are interested in air filtration system that will help, give us a call today.

Media Filter Chambers

If you still have a 1 inch air filter track and are suffering from allergies, dust, and poor ventilation, chances are you need to upgrade to a better air filter track. Choate’s Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. can upgrade your old air return box with a new better air filter chamber that allows you to have a better air filter system. A new upgraded air filter system will help you cut down on all these things and extend your furnace life. Collecting more dust in your air filter means your air blower wheel and evaporator coil won’t get dirty, thus prolonging the life of your air conditioning and heating system. Having better air is having a better life.

Fresh Aire UV Purifier

Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern. One of the best ways to prevent poor air quality is with an UV/Air Purifier. Fresh Aire UV Purifier is installed in your supply air duct and cleans the air the goes through the purifying system. For more information click here.


During the winter time your furnace heat has been known to dry up the moisture in the air. To solve this problem moisture must be reintroduced back into the air. The best way to do this is with a HVAC Steam Humidifier. This will go into your supply duct and maintain the proper humidity throughout your home. For more information click here.


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