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3 Reasons Choate’s is a Wise Choice

3 Reasons Choate’s is a Wise Choice

Memphis’ go-to HVAC service for more than 60 years

There’s a reason Choate’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing has been Memphis’ go-to HVAC service for more than 60 years and chosen by Andy Wise as your Wise Choice for HVAC Services in Memphis

#1. Choate’s has the experience

Choate’s has been providing HVAC maintenance, servicing, installation and repairs in and around Memphis for more than 60 years. Since its launch in 1958, Choate’s has been family owned and operated, run by expert technicians who don’t just know HVAC systems but know the community.

Now in its third generation, Choate’s continues to be focused on providing top-tier support and services for the greater Memphis area. With an eye on treating every customer like a member of the family, Choate’s delivers the expert services we’ve all come to expect, with the commitment and convenience of working with a neighborhood fixture.

#2. Choate’s is backed by the Better Business Bureau

Granted, you don’t have to take our word for it—the Better Business Bureau gives Choate’s an A+ accreditation. With more than 40 five-star reviews from current and previous customers, it’s clear Choate’s consistently delivers on its promise to provide high-quality service at competitive prices.

#3. Choate’s passes the “just Google it…” test

Likewise, Choate’s has earned hundreds of reviews on Google, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. Reviewers—all current and past Choate’s customers—praise the company’s service, expert team, quality products and pricing.

That said, Google isn’t alone. In addition to these reviews, Choate’s has earned a 5/5 from Customer Lobby with nearly 1,700 reviews, and a 99% from To Your Success, with close to 700 reviews.

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