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Electrician Near Me

Since 1958, Choates HVAC has been providing Memphis and the surrounding areas with quality electrician services. Our electricians are highly trained and experienced in all electrical repair and installation areas. When you search for "an electrician near me" in Memphis, you can count on Choates HVAC to provide the highest workmanship at a reasonable price.

What Types of Electrical Services Do We Offer?

Choates HVAC offers a full range of electrical services, including repair, installation and maintenance. Our experienced technicians work quickly and efficiently to diagnose the issue and provide a comprehensive repair or replacement solution. Here are a few of the electric services we offer:

Lighting and Receptacle Issues

Residential and commercial lighting and receptacle issues can involve anything from dimming or flickering lights to dead outlets. Electrical repair of these issues can sometimes be as simple as replacing a bulb or light switch. However, it may also mean something more serious, such as faulty wiring, overloaded circuits or dangerous electric conditions.

Panel Repair Issues

Home and business owners in Memphis commonly search for an "electrical contractor near me" to inspect and diagnose electrical panel issues. Our electricians are experienced and knowledgeable in all panel repairs, from replacing fuses and circuit breakers to wiring electric panels to code. Never attempt to do electric panel work yourself to avoid putting your family and property at risk.

Generator Installation and Maintenance (Available Soon)

During a power outage, you need your generator to work correctly. We can install, repair and maintain your generator, so you have the power you need when you need it. During installation, our electricians ensure your generator is properly wired and fitted with the necessary components to ensure it runs safely and reliably.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A standard residential electrical service our electricians provide is ceiling fan installation. We can accurately and safely install your ceiling fan to look great, save energy and last many years.

Surge Protectors

Surge protection is vital for homes and businesses throughout the Memphis area. Our electricians can provide surge protection solutions to shield your electrical systems and wiring from dangerous electric shock or fire. Whether it's a power surge protector, whole house surge protection device or point-of-use electric plug-in models, we can provide the necessary electric services to protect your property.

Fuse Panels

Is your fuse panel outdated or not working correctly? We can update your electric panels and upgrade breakers and fuses to avoid electric shocks due to faulty wiring. This electrical service is essential to keeping your electric systems safe and up to code. When you search "electrician near me" in Memphis, you can trust Choates HVAC to be the electrician who provides the highest-quality electric services.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Choates HVAC electricians can install, maintain and upgrade your indoor or outdoor lighting systems. Whether it’s LED lights, wall fixtures or electric outlets, we have the experience to ensure your electric system is safe, energy-efficient and attractive.

Electrical Outlet Installation and Repair

Your electric outlet connections are essential for the proper operation of electric appliances. Our electricians can inspect and repair any type of electric outlet, from common GFCI outlets to specialized outlets used in bathrooms or outdoors.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring electric systems are outdated electric wiring solutions that can be dangerous and prone to electric fires. Our electricians have the experience and knowledge to replace aluminum wiring with copper wiring electric systems safely.

Electrical Wiring

From installing electrical systems in new construction and renovations to upgrading electric systems in existing structures, our electricians can provide a wide range of electric wiring services. We ensure your electric system is up to code, safe and reliable.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

Choates HVAC electricians can install arc fault circuit interrupters in your electric systems or upgrade existing AFCIs to the latest models. This electric service helps prevent electric shock and electrical fires.

Outdoor and Patio Lighting

When it comes to outdoor electric services, Choates HVAC electricians have over 60 years of experience. From electric pole lights to patio lighting, our electricians can provide electrical services for your outdoor spaces and ensure the electric systems are safe and functioning correctly.

Fixture Repair and Installation

Our electricians can repair electric fixtures or install new electric fixtures to enhance the lighting of your home or business. We supply electric fixtures from the leading electric equipment manufacturers, and you can trust our electricians to install electric fixtures that are energy-efficient and attractive. If you’re searching for an "electrical contractor near me" in the Memphis area, trust Choates HVAC electricians to provide electric services that are reliable, safe and up to code. Contact us today for all of your electric needs. Call Choate's HVAC And Plumbing today at 901-250-2508 or schedule an appointment online for all of your heating, a/c, and plumbing needs.