Ignoring Toilet Issues? Here’s Why That’s Never a Good Idea...

We get it—owning a home or business comes with tons of ongoing expenses. And, sometimes, it feels like it’s easier to live with the inconvenience than to invest the time, resources and budget to repair it. However, when it comes to your toilet and plumbing, that’s never a good idea. Often, a small issue or mild disturbance can lead to major (read: costly) toilet problems fast. So what could have been a quick-hit—and low-cost—fix suddenly becomes a major headache.

Don’t let it happen to you. If you spot these “minor” toilet issues, get in touch to schedule a free consultation and quick repair or replacement services.

Toilet Rocks or Moves

Underneath your toilet is a wax seal that fits around the main drainage pipe from your toilet to the sewer line. This keeps water from leaking out between the two. When your toilet rocks back and forth or shifts out of place, that wax seal can loosen. Eventually, this could cause major leaks and damage. If your toilet is rocking or shifting when weight is placed on it, it’s time to call a plumber right away.

Toilet Constantly Runs

If your toilet always seems to be running, or cycles on and off seemingly at random, it’s time to have a look at what’s causing the issue. Not only does this waste lots of water, but it’s also usually a fairly easy and inexpensive fix. Sometimes it’s a matter of a flapper that doesn’t seal or a minor valve leak. An experienced plumbing expert will be able to tell you right away.

Condensation Buildup

Is your toilet sweating? This isn’t necessarily the result of a malfunctioning toilet, but usually means you live in a hot and humid climate. But when condensation forms on the toilet, it can drip down and cause damage to your floor or baseboards. You might want to consider swapping it out for one with an insulated tank, which will help avoid sweating in the future.

Toilet is Bubbling

If the water in your toilet bowl is bubbling or rising and lowering, it could be the result of stoppages or other issues in your pipes. A plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and remove whatever is causing this to occur.

Toilet Flushes Very Slowly

If your toilet flushes extremely slowly, there could be one of a few different causes. Sometimes the rinse sprayers are clogged, or it could be an issue inside the tank. Either way, slow flushes can be irritating and lead to more clogs and overflows, so it’s best to figure out the issue as soon as possible.

Toilet is Clogged

This is the most common occurence—a clogged toilet that won’t flush. Most clogs can be solved with a little bit of plunging. But if that doesn’t do the job, don’t just switch to using the toilet down the hall. Allowing clogs to sit can result in them solidifying and becoming harder to deal with. Be sure to take care of any toilet clogs right away.

Poor Seal Where Toilet Meets Floor

If there’s no caulking or sealant at the base of your toilet, moisture, debris, and even urine can fall down into the crack and cause bacteria buildup, odors, and mold/mildew. This issue can be avoided by simply caulking or sealing the gap where the toilet meets the floor.

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