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Regulating temperatures inside your home or office can be a challenge, especially in our unpredictabl Tennessee climate. Checkout home temperature zoning.

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Regulating temperatures inside your home or office can be a challenge, especially in our unpredictable -- and, often, HOT -- Tennessee climate. Chances are, some rooms run cold, and others hot no matter what you do. The end result? Constant raising and lowering of your AC, leaving one room freezing and another -- finally! -- comfortable. The only discomfort? When the bill arrives…

Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Although temperature variances can be caused by a variety of factors, it’s most commonly the result of a less than-optimal HVAC system operating on a single thermostat. The rooms in your home aren’t the same temperature, so it’s hard to get an accurate reading when you use a traditional HVAC system with one thermometer


Benefits of Zoned AC

Instead of running the AC too high or too low in an effort to find the perfect temperature -- and running up your utility bill in the process -- consider switching to a HVAC system with zoning systems. Zoning systems are exactly what they sound like – multiple thermostats placed in different areas of your home. They’re common in businesses and homes with multiple levels, high ceilings and additions.

Zoned HVAC units usually have dampers, temperature controls for every zone and a master control panel. The dampers regulate how much air passes through the ductwork and sends it to the room where it’s needed most based on the temperature set for that zone. The control system orchestrates everything, opening ducts to different zones as needed.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Zoned HVAC systems allow users to set different temperatures for the different zones of your home. If everyone is gone during the day except one person who uses the kitchen or office, you can turn off the upstairs zone and save money and electricity needed for cooling. Zoning allows you to use your HVAC system when and where you need it most.

Increased Comfort

You’ll never have to worry about sleeping in a stifling hot room again, or worrying the kids’ play is too hot during the day. You can have the right temperature all the time, in every single room of your home or work space.

Increase HVAC Longevity

Zoning systems use electricity more efficiently, reducing wear and tear on the unit. Your HVAC system will last longer because it works smarter, not harder.