HVAC Services

Need HVAC Services Memphis?

Looking for an HVAC contractor? Our company offers a full range of HVAC services, including replacement, maintenance, installation, and repairs in Memphis, TN.

Your Trusted HVAC Service Company

Most people don’t think too much about their heating and air conditioning system -- until it stops working. Don’t wait. Schedule a comprehensive assessment and servicing with Choate’s now, and ensure your HVAC system is ready for anything and everything. And if you do need a repair, upgrade or general maintenance, our expert team of factory-trained technicians are on-hand to get the job done fast, before the next sweltering day or deep freeze.

HVAC Installation

Too often, home and business owners wait for their existing HVAC system to give out before investing in something new. But waiting too long could leave you without AC or heat at the worst possible moment.

Today’s cutting-edge systems are energy efficient and built to last. Trade up, and you’ll instantly be spending less on heating and cooling over time, helping you recoup your purchase quickly and easily. Get in touch for a free assessment, and our HVAC services experts will recommend HVAC systems that align with your space, your budget and your goals.

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HVAC Repair

When your HVAC system isn’t performing, don’t go it alone. DIY options can often leave you with less heat, less air and more headaches, plus a hefty air conditioning repair bill at the end of the day.

Whether your HVAC system isn’t functioning or, simply, its performance has declined over time, get in touch. With a quick service visit, our technicians can diagnose any issues, recommending comprehensive, affordable next steps, including repairs, basic maintenance or new models. Plus, with preventative options, our team can keep tabs on your HVAC systems, preventing future issues and helping maintain the quality and efficiency of your heating and AC.

Learn More About Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

New Construction HVAC Services

Whether it’s a new build or a top-down renovation, a high-quality, well-matched HVAC system is critical to your space. Contact us for a free consultation.

During your assessment, Choate’s factory-trained technicians will walk the construction, determine your HVAC needs and, from there, make customized recommendations that sync with your space, your timeline and your budget. From there, we’ll manage all of the heavy lifting from purchasing to installation to preventative maintenance, so you can focus on everything else.

Learn More About Our New Construction Air Conditioning Services

Ductless HVAC Services

Thinking about going duct-free? These mini-split systems are a popular choice for homeowners, offering efficiency and consistent climate control from room to room. Ideal for new additions or spaces that currently rely on window units or baseboard heating, ductless HVAC systems only require a small hole, curbing the risk of leaks or security issues. And, because they’re less visible and much quieter than traditional window and baseboard units, duct-free systems can easily be integrated into any room of your home.

HVAC Financing Available

We know HVAC systems are a big investment -- but we also know they’re critical to the comfort and livability of your home or office. To help our customers get the systems they need when they need them, Choate’s offers comprehensive financing solutions for customers with approved credit. Contact us to learn more and to upgrade your HVAC system with affordable monthly payments.

Schedule An In-Home Assessment Now

Get in touch to learn more about our HVAC upgrade, repair and maintenance options. Whether it’s a quick fix or a full replacement, our expert team can assist in getting you the service and solutions you need, on time and on budget.
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