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Advantages to Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Advantages to Installing a Tankless Water Heater

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If you’re in the market for a new water heating system, you’ve likely been told about tankless water heaters. These systems are the best fit for replacing traditional water heating systems, especially for commercial use such as apartment buildings, hotels, schools, and any other business with high water usage.

There are a number of benefits associated with tankless water heaters. Let’s go over them now.

Long-Lasting System with Little Maintenance Needed

Did you know that tankless water heaters can last for more than two decades while only requiring repairs within 15 years? That means you can install a tankless water heater and enjoy it for nearly 20 years without spending that much money on maintenance costs. If you own a hotel or apartment complex, that adds up thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance cost savings.

They Take Up Less Space 

Obviously, a 100-gallon commercial water heater is going to need some significant space on your property. Water heaters with storage tanks take up a lot more room in general. On the other hand, Tankless water heaters take up far less space because they don’t use storage tanks because they only heat on demand and don’t need to use large storage tanks. When someone seeking hot water presses the button, the water gets heated in mere seconds. Memphis continues to grow, and there is less and less room for huge buildings. Therefore, modern buildings in Memphis are specifically designed to accommodate tankless water heaters and accommodate space restrictions.

Eliminate the Risk of Flooding

Because tankless water heaters don’t use storage tanks, the possibility of water flooding the property is significantly lower. In a residential unit with a traditional water tank, tenants can forget to turn off the water, leading to water overflowing from the tanks and causing a flood.

You don’t have to worry about that with tankless water heaters because there is little to no chance of flooding since water is heated as needed without a long wait. 

The only chance for flooding would be through leaks, but since tankless water heaters are so durable, you have about 20 years before you need to start worrying about water leaks that need to be repaired. 

Less Water Waste

Since water is only heated as needed in tankless water heaters, wistfulness is reduced. As we mentioned, there is little to no water leakage to worry about with tankless water heaters. Also, tankless water heaters will heat water for as long as a person is using the water and will stop heating when switched off. That saves you both water and energy. Tankless water heaters are a sustainable option for the eco-conscious consumer.

If you are a property owner still using traditional water heaters, it’s time to consider switching to a more sustainable and cost-effective tankless water heater.

Ready To Install A Tankless Water Heater

To learn more about how a tankless water heater can benefit your operations, contact Choate’s Today.

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