Optimize Your Air Conditioning

Brace yourselves, because those blistering summer days are just around the corner! With the heat waves impending, it’s crucial to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency. The last thing you want is to be caught in the sweltering heat with a malfunctioning AC or an ineffective heat pump. Now is the perfect time to get your cooling systems running, both to test their functionality and to ensure that you’re all set for the approaching hot weather.

As part of your preparation, here are some essential steps to avert typical AC troubles:

  1. Check Your Breaker or Fuse: The first step is to ensure the breaker or fuse that your AC unit depends on is turned on. A surprisingly common issue is a tripped breaker or a blown fuse, which can easily disrupt your AC’s functionality.
  2. Power Connection: Another common issue lies with the external disconnect box. Confirm that the power supply has not been disconnected here. If the power is off, your AC unit won’t be able to operate.
  3. Remove the AC Cover: If you haven’t already, remove the cover from your air conditioning unit. Operating your AC with the cover still on can result in damage or inefficient cooling.
  4. Cleanliness Around Your Outdoor Unit: Ensure your outdoor unit can “breathe”. Overgrown grass, weeds, or debris around the unit can hinder airflow, negatively affecting its efficiency. Keep this area clean and clear.
  5. Set Your Thermostat: Last but not least, adjust your thermostat to the cooling mode. It may seem obvious, but it’s an easy step to overlook.

Despite these precautions, sometimes issues persist. If you find yourself facing stubborn problems or your AC still isn’t performing as it should, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Choate’s Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing, our certified experts are ready to assist you. We recommend reaching out to us BEFORE the scorching summer temperatures arrive to avoid any service delays during peak demand periods.

Remember, at Choate’s, we’re not just in the business of air conditioning – we’re in the business of keeping you cool and comfortable. We’re always ready to assist and ensure you can enjoy your summer, worry-free. So, don’t sweat the summer heat, we’ve got you covered!

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