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Since 1958, Choate's has been the go-to source for Sheet Metal Shop in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas.

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Ductwork is a common feature of HVAC systems—from the smallest residential systems to the most elaborate commercial installations. At Choate’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that quality ductwork is at the heart of any reliable HVAC system, which is why we maintain our own sheet metal shop in Memphis to ensure that every installation is done right. Whether you are seeking a restoration or completely new installation, our sheet metal shop can provide the right chambers, ductwork, shields, and transitions to get the project done within a reasonable timeline.

Advantages for Our Customers

By completing our own sheet metal work in house, we help all of our customers find the best solutions for their needs with shorter turnaround times, lower costs, and a quality guarantee. You can rest assured that your ductwork is not only made in America, but it’s made locally in Memphis by skilled engineers and technicians. Below you’ll get a closer look at the benefits you can enjoy by choosing Choate’s for your remodeling or new construction project.


Cost effectiveness

By eliminating the middle man, we keep our costs low, which can make a huge difference when you are building your home or getting your business ready to open up shop. Even if you do not need a custom design, we can provide standard ductwork without the high cost you might pay with companies that do not do their own manufacturing.

Product guarantees

With manufacturing and installation from the same source, you can feel confident that the installation process will go smoothly without serious repair issues later on. If something does go wrong with your new ductwork, you can simply call us to make things right. You can also seek comprehensive maintenance services from the technicians who know the finished product best.


Custom installation

When you are retrofitting an old building or building a new property, standard solutions are not always ideal. They may not offer the capacity or configuration you need for your space, which could result in poor overall performance. Instead of settling for a system that isn’t right for you, trust our team to create custom designs with in-house fabrication that you can count on.

Customized Ductwork

All Sizes of Supply

Return Plenums

Square Ductwork

Filter Chambers


Drop Plenums

Any Size Rain Cover / Sheilds

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When it comes to any home, whether it is new construction or a change out, our sheet metal shop allows us to adapt to any size of duct work required for the job. When our customer is building their own house, sometimes standard sized ductwork just won’t work. Our company has the knowledge and flexibility to customize fittings so the job right.

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