What To Know About R-22 Freon

Attention home and business owners, the United States is phasing out the refrigerant R-22. Please, use these FAQs to learn more about R-22 and what the phase-out means for your air conditioning system.

What is R-22?

R-22, or Freon, a refrigerant used in air conditioning systems. It is currently being phased out under the Montreal Protocol.

Why is R-22 being phased out?

The Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies worldwide are phasing out the hydrochlorofluorocarbon R-22 under the Montreal Protocol. New rules limiting the production and importation of R-22 went into effect in 2010 and will be complete in 2020. Beyond 2020, new R-22 will not be available for sale in the US. Homeowners will only be able to access recycled versions of F-22.

Does my AC equipment use R-22?

The simple answer is, yes. If your AC unit was installed before January 1, 2010, then it probably uses R-22. There are even some systems that have been installed after 2010. The best way to know for sure is to find out by looking at the nameplate, in the instruction manual, or getting in touch with Choate’s.

Can I replace R-22 with R-410A?

No. Some service professionals may tell you otherwise but converting your system for R-410A or Puron is a costly project that will likely void your warranty and result in additional repairs or the need for replacement in the future. A new AC unit is a big investment, but you’ll save yourself time, money and stress by replacing your unit sooner than later.

How does the R-22 ban affect me?

Since 2010 R-22 have been phasing out causing a shortage of supplies and making the cost go up. After 2020, the production and sale of R-22 will be banned in the U.S. As supply becomes limited, costs will rise for installation and use. Homeowners will still be able to access recycled forms of R-22, but EPA-certified technicians will be required to install it, resulting in additional costs. Also, as an HFC, R-22 depletes the ozone and is associated with other health and environmental concerns.

What do I do if my AC system uses R-22?

​Consult Choate's to make the best decision for you, going over the cost of Repairs vs. Replacement. Most often, with R22 systems. The best thing to do is to replace your AC unit with a new model as soon as you can. R-22 supplies will run out post-2020, and recycled R-22 will be costly to purchase and install. In the meantime, repair any leaks to ensure your unit is running at optimal efficiency.

If your AC system uses R-22 or you suspect it may, schedule a free estimate with Choate’s today. We’re offering free R-22 Freon pressure inspections ($1,000 value).

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