Air Scrubber

Why You Need An Air Scrubber Pro

Your HVAC system can seem complex—and ensuring it’s running at its peak can seem even more challenging. There are countless products and add-ons that claim to make a big difference in your home’s air quality, but wading through the potential benefits and weighing the costs and resources needed isn’t always easy. Ultimately, though, you want to keep your home’s air quality high—so how do you do it quickly, effectively and affordably?

At Choate’s HVAC, we’ve long turned to Air Scrubber Pros to maximize in-home air quality while reducing installation costs. These unique devices can come as standalone units or can be installed as an extension of your existing HVAC system. Either way, Air Scrubber Pros can deliver lots of diverse benefits—and that could make them an ideal addition to your home.

What is an Air Scrubber Pro?

In many ways, an Air Scrubber is exactly what it sounds like—it literally scrubs the air to improve its quality. As air is drawn into the scrubber it “scrubs” the air of bacteria, chemicals, fine particulates and other contaminants. From there, it sends the air back out into the room—now, though, it’s much cleaner, healthier and fresher than before.

Standalone versus Add-on Scrubbers

Again, users have a variety of options when it comes to integrating Air Scrubbers into their homes or offices. Some Air Scrubbers are built into mobile, standalone units, while others can be added directly to your HVAC system.

With either system, as air is forced through the scrubber’s honeycomb-like design, the device uses UV rays to eliminate contaminants entirely—standard air filters simply trap them.

Given their added air-purifying abilities, Air Scrubbers have been used in a wide range of applications, including post-renovation air purifying and removing dust and debris from the air after building collapses or other major disasters.

Air Scrubber

Benefits of Air Scrubber

Considering an Air Scrubber? Consider these key benefits.

Cleaner Air

Every day, we breathe in air filled with a variety of contaminants. From bacteria and microscopic parasites to dust mites, debris and fine particulates, we’re constantly breathing in serious health hazards. An Air Scrubber removes these air contaminants, leaving your home’s air more breathable—and that’s better for you, your family and your health in the short- and long-term

Fresher Air

Not only do Air Scrubbers make the air safer and cleaner, but they also make it fresher. By removing a wide range of contaminants, you’ll notice the air in your home smells and feels better—and, often, the difference is profound. Fresher air can dramatically improve the overall comfort of your home without any heavy lifting of hefty costs.

Improved HVAC Conditions

These powerful devices reduce the workload on your HVAC system. Rather than bearing the brunt of purifying the air, your HVAC system will now have a powerful assistant on its side. That will result in fewer maintenance needs and longer-lasting durability for your system—always a plus.

Have questions or want to see how an Air Scrubber Pro could improve your indoor air quality? Get in touch now.