Common Plumbing Leak Problems

Leaks in your pipes? You’re not alone. Leaky lines are one of the most common plumbing problems. If you’re experiencing a leak, there’s a good chance one of these common issues is at the core…

#1. Degraded Seals

Industrial rubber seals connect pipes to fixtures, creating a watertight connection. Given the conditions surrounding these seals, it’s no surprise that they tend to degrade over time, cracking, crumbling or drying out and, with it, cause leaks and corrosion.

#2. Corrosion

Like seals, pipes can corrode over time, with rust causing cracks that enable water to escape. If your pipes are more than 30 years old or if your water has high levels of minerals and pH, this could be the culprit.

#3. Fixture Cracks

Fixtures -- faucets, most commonly -- can also develop cracks. These are usually visible on the surface though, sometimes, cracks can happen under the sink.

Fixtures tend to be tricky to repair but -- good news -- most are fairly low-cost to replace. If you suspect a leaky fixture contact us to schedule a maintenance and repair appointment.

#4. Too Much Water Pressure

Like your home, your pipes can naturally shift and settle over time. However, if the shifts are too extreme, pipes can break or burst.

Be mindful of how your pipes function after a major storm, flooding, earthquakes or if you suspect your home or office has foundational issues. And, after any of these events, if you experience leaks, hear strange sounds from behind walls or have discolored water, get in touch.

#5. Foundational shifts

The harder your water hits the inside of your pipes, the more likely you are to develop leaks over time. Worst case, extreme water pressure can cause pipes to burst.

If you notice a slight leak after you turn off the water, contact us. While mild water pressure issues aren’t usually a major problem, they can quickly grow to be more significant and, again, could lead to burst pipes. Our expert team can test your water pressure and, from there, troubleshoot as needed.

How To Fix These Plumbing Issues

Given how we use sinks and drains, it’s not surprising clogs happen. When it’s hair down the shower drain, food down the kitchen sink or something entirely off-the-charts, we can help. Get in touch to schedule a comprehensive assessment and repair now. Don’t try and DIY this one -- while it’s tempting to pour chemical drain cleaners down your pipes, these can burn holes through your system, causing major -- and expensive -- damage.

While these issues are usually easy to repair, it’s important to get in touch early to avoid added corrosion or further damage -- damage that could cause major hassles and headaches to repair.

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