Furnace Tuneup Reasons

The temperature is dropping, the days are getting shorter and the heating season is rapidly approaching. As you clean up your yard and perform other pre-winter maintenance tasks, don’t forget about the most important preparation for the winter months: your annual furnace tune-up.

Annual tune-ups are the best way to prepare your home for winter. Your furnace is going to be working extra hard in the colder months, and it needs to perform at its peak to keep you and your family warm and comfortable.

A quick 20-point heater inspection from Choate’s HVAC and Plumbing is the best way to keep your home and furnace in good working order year-round. Some other reasons to schedule a quick furnace tune-up?

#1. Save up to 30% on Your Energy Bill

Your furnace accounts for roughly 50% of your electricity bill during the winter. Heating your home for months at a time can get expensive, but a properly tuned furnace will help you keep costs low. Annual tune-ups allow furnaces to run at full efficiency, reducing energy consumption and your electricity bill in the process -- simple furnace maintenance can reduce utility costs by up to 30%.

Choate’s $99 furnace tune-up includes a 20-point inspection. During that process, an expert technician will check the entire system for any vulnerabilities and give you tips for additional savings, such as regularly changing your air filter.

#2. Keep Your Equipment in Warranty

Annual furnace tune-ups aren’t just a good idea, they’re part of many multi-year warranty packages. Homeowners can usually get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on a high-quality furnace, which is well worth the investment since they last up to 20 years. Routine maintenance is key to maintaining your investment.

Manufacturer’s warranties are great, but they’re only effective when the homeowner maintains the equipment and can back it up with service records.

#3. Prevent Exposure to Carbon Monoxide and Gas

Furnaces use various fuel sources to generate heat and warm your space. The process is very efficient, but problems with the equipment can result in dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Remember, Carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent killer,” is odorless and colorless.

Annual furnace maintenance is your first line of defense against toxic leaks, but we also recommend the use of a carbon monoxide detection device. If you suddenly feel nauseous or lightheaded, you may be exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide and should immediately evacuate your home and call Choate’s at 901-755-4797 for assistance. We offer emergency service 24/7.

#4. Stay Warm and Cozy All Winter Long

Let’s not forget one of the biggest benefits: the comfort and happiness of your family. Waking up cold in the middle of winter is one of the worst feelings -- but it’s easily avoidable. A tune-up now will save you money on costly repairs later, maximize the lifespan and functionality of your furnace and keep your family comfortable year-round.

Call The Memphis Furnace Experts

Choate’s has been providing tune-ups, repairs and preventative maintenance for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment in the Memphis area since 1958. If your heating system is due for a tune up, get in touch today and ask about our $99 furnace check in.

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