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Has your water heater quit while you were getting ready for work? Preparing a holiday dinner? During the middle of winter? Worse, have you experienced your water heater rusting through while you were away on a trip? These are disturbing problems that homeowners often have with water heaters. At best, they are inconvenient. At worst, they require filing a huge property owner’s claim. Now imagine you have an issue with your commercial water heater.

Quality water heaters are important appliances for everyone, but they are especially vital to restaurants. A poorly functioning water heater can cause many issues with sanitation, food safety, and more. Regular inspections are necessary for these establishments to operate efficiently and to meet government and community safety regulations. Below are four reasons why your restaurant should schedule regular water heater inspections.

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1- Maintain Proper Heat

The FDA requires that restaurant water systems maintain a 100-degree Fahrenheit or 38-degree Celsius temperature. This temperature is necessary to ensure proper sanitation of dishes and glassware and to make food preparation safe. Also, this temperature helps meet peak hot water demands in the establishment.

Regular inspections make certain the water temperature readings are correct and allow you to adjust or fix the thermostat if necessary. Even a few degrees below the requirement can hurt your business. You will face possible fines and a lower health inspection rating if your water heater cannot maintain the required temperature. In some cases, your restaurant may be shut down while you arrange for immediate repairs.

2- Fuel Source Safety

Water heaters can be gas or electric. An inspector will check the gas line connections for leaks or corrosion. People’s lives are truly in danger if your water heater has a leak. People can become seriously ill, and your water tank can blow up, causing serious injuries and extensive property damage.

Electric water heaters can also be dangerous. They need to be inspected for proper connections and the health of the wiring. Frayed wires can be the source of electric shorts and fires. Any water tank fuel source needs regular inspection to prevent injury to humans and to your restaurant. You cannot afford to overlook this important safety measure.

Tank Pressure

Water heaters require a working pressure relief valve. Your tank needs regular inspections to determine if this relief valve is working properly. Water heaters are under great pressure, and if that pressure climbs too high, they can rupture or even explode. Either event can be catastrophic for your business. A leaking water heater can cause extensive water damage. An explosion can seriously hurt anyone near as well as damage the building. An inspection will determine if the relief valve is in good condition.

3- Corrosion

Regular inspections will also identify corrosion issues. If the interior of your water heater is rusting, it can taint the color of your hot water. It’s unsightly and can affect the taste of your water. An inspection can spot the problem before it becomes visible and affects your food preparation. If your tank has rusty valves, the inside undoubtedly has rust as well. Those defective valves tell you that you have a water heater problem.

Water heater leaks also indicate interior corrosion. Once your water heater develops corrosion, you will need to replace it. Interior corrosion cannot be repaired. Water heaters generally last for a decade or more, but that life span is not guaranteed. Once your tank is eight or older, you need to keep a close watch on its function.

4- Other Water Heater Issues

Replacing your commercial water heater is not cheap, but problems with the hot water can cost you much more. Unsafe food, potential explosions, rusty water: these are issues that no restaurant can afford to have.

You may also find that your water heater is not sufficient for your needs. At your home, an inferior water heater may mean waiting to take a shower. At your restaurant, it means harming food quality, unhappy customers, and bad word-of-mouth. Running out of hot water at your establishment should never happen.

Regular water heater inspections can save you from a malfunctioning tank. Trained professionals will check every aspect of your tank to find issues before they become huge business problems. These inspections also keep you from running afoul of the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Protect your business and yourself by adhering to a schedule of water heater inspections with Choate’s, call today 901-755-4797. You should never take your water tank for granted. When it acts up, it can create havoc.

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