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Since 1958, Choates has been the choice of Memphis homeowners and businesses for their drain cleaning needs. In celebration of serving the Memphis community for almost 60 years, we are offering our drain cleaning special for only $99. Some restrictions apply.

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Sewer Cleaning

Most homes have plumbing systems that are connected to the city sewer system, which is designed to remove waste water and divert it to a central processing facility. While you may not think much about the sewer line on your property, it can lead to significant problems without regular inspection and maintenance. Choate’s Plumbing can take care of all of your sewer maintenance needs and provide the right repairs or line replacement when damage has taken place. We provide service in homes throughout the Memphis area from licensed, professional plumbers you can count for you sewer cleaning needs.

Potential Sewer Line Problems

If your sewer line is damaged, you may experience backup that accumulates in your yard or causes your pipes to drain slowly. Because the damage resulting from sewer line issues can be fairly widespread and pose sanitation concerns, it is important that you address any potential sewer line problems right away.

  • Tree Root Overgrowth – Tree roots can become invasive to sewer lines as they grow, because roots can infiltrate the line, causing cracks and other structural problems.
  • Aging – Over time, sewer lines can become victims to corrosion and deterioration, especially if the original lines were constructed from inferior materials.
  • Shifting Soil – Erosion, freezing, and settling of soil surrounding the sewer line can cause the pipe to move out of place

The Inspection Process

Whether you are scheduling routine maintenance or you are looking to diagnose a problem with your sewer line, our technicians will begin the process by gaining access to the sewer to place a camera that will reveal the exact site and cause of any damage. This state-of-the-art technology can reduce the amount of digging needed to identify problems in the sewer and allow you to schedule more routine inspections to prevent serious issues down the road.

Sewer Repair and Line Replacement

If a crack, corrosion, or other type of damage is detected, our team can use a high-pressure system to clean the sewer line or replace the line itself with advanced trenchless technologies to reduce stress on your property.