Laundry Scrubber Pro

No Detergent. No Bleach. No Softeners.

What is a Laundry Scrubber Pro?

Chances are, you’ve been doing laundry the same way since day one. Clothes go in the machine, detergent gets tossed in and your clothes get cleaned.

That, though, isn’t the only solution. Now enjoy the same cleaning power that hospitals, hotels and professional laundry services have been using a unique laundry approach for decades—an approach anchored in Laundry Scrubber Pros.

A Laundry Scrubber uses advanced technology to initiate the “oxygen activation” process. This chemical reaction lifts away even the deepest dirt, grime, and stains in fabrics. For industries where cleanliness and good hygiene is critical—again, hospitals, hotels and professional laundromats—you’ll almost always find Laundry Scrubber Pros.

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Laundry Scrubber Pro

6 Benefits of Laundry Scrubber Pro

Say Goodbye to Detergent

With a Laundry Scrubber, you no longer need to use detergent. Not only will this save you the cost of purchasing detergent, but it will also help avoid detergent build up on towels, linens, and clothes. In fact, the Laundry Scrubber gradually removes old detergent buildup from your clothes. This leaves them as soft as they day you bought them.


Softer Clothes

In that vein, expect softer clothes from day one—a Laundry Scrubber Pro is designed to clean without damaging the fibers of your clothing. Not only will this make them last longer, but it also makes them feel softer for much longer than traditional washing styles.

Gentler on Skin

Detergents and other cleaning tools can be tough on skin. But with the Laundry Scrubber, you avoid all of those harsh detergents and chemicals, which can help your skin return to its non-itchy, non-rashy former glory.


Zero Maintenance

Laundry Scrubbers are designed to operate at full functionality without maintenance, cleaning or other regular requirements. Once it’s installed, it will run like new for years.

Keep Clothes Looking Bright

Another major benefit of the Laundry Scrubber is that it doesn’t strip color and texture out of clothes. Your whites will look whiter, and your colors will be more vivid than ever before.



By requiring only cold water and no detergent, the Laundry Scrubber also helps you clean your clothes effectively without causing damage to the planet—it’s the ultimate win/win.

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