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Something often overlooked with the cleaning and maintenance of a commercial property is the sewer plumbing system

Things like grease and food waste in restaurants, hazardous waste such as oil and chemicals in manufacturing buildings, mineral build-up, and other materials like dirt and sand can get into the plumbing and create clogs in the system. Human hair is notorious for creating clogs in bathroom sinks; after all, the average person sheds an estimated 100 hairs a day! And although it’s more common with residential properties, sometimes tree roots penetrate plumbing systems as well.

When these clogs happen, and they often happen at the worst possible times, there can be a sudden and major impact on your business and your bottom line.

To prevent these clogs from developing, or to clear them out when there are signs that they exist or are building, we offer commercial hydrojetting, which is the most effective way to remove the build-up and debris that can degrade commercial plumbing systems. After just one service, you’ll notice immediate improvements in how smoothly your system works, and you’ll be able to carry on as normal without worrying about clogged pipes clogging up your business as well.

Commercial Hydro Jetting Service Choate's Memphis

What Is Commercial Hydrojetting?

As opposed to using cable snakes, which are good for removing clogs, hydrojetting more thoroughly clears out the system by getting rid of stubborn build-up that a snake just can’t handle.

When the Choate’s team arrives to perform a hydrojetting for your system, they will use a machine called a hydrojetter to blast pressurized hot water through the pipes. As needed, we use a variety of hoses and nozzles and guide them through the system to make sure that every bit of it is cleaned out.

Because this highly efficient treatment is a water-based one, it’s better for your system because it uses no harsh chemicals or toxins. Chemical drain cleaners can corrode pipes, which is bad enough, but they also can create a porous texture that becomes a natural place for clogs to form.

Hydrojetting is a safe, environmentally friendly service that will keep your plumbing running effectively, won’t damage your pipes, and reduces the need for future maintenance and repairs, thereby saving you money through lower costs and an extended lifespan for the system.

The Benefits of Commercial Jetting

Does your system need a hydrojetting? Read about the following signs and see if they apply to your plumbing system. If any do, don’t delay in scheduling a service. This is definitely something you do not want to wait until it’s broken to fix!

It’s not just restaurants that have sinks for food preparation and laundry; many commercial properties have kitchens that employees use during breaks. When sinks in kitchens or restrooms are frequently or persistently clogging up, or when they drain slowly, that’s a sign that hydrojetting is necessary.

Likewise, toilets that drain slowly are another sign. Plungers often do the trick for a clogged toilet, but any toilet that is consistently slow to drain is an indicator that there is problematic build-up in the system.

If there are sewage odors, that’s a sign that the system is getting clogs in it. As with poorly draining toilets, this is an easy, albeit very unpleasant, one to detect.

Have you already tried using a cable snake to clear a sink or toilet and not had much success? That’s a telling sign that there is deeper, stubborn build-up in the system.

Another obvious and very unpleasant indicator is when water “backsplashes” into other fixtures when someone flushes a toilet. While this is easy to detect in small restrooms that have a sink by the toilet, it can be harder to notice in larger restrooms where sinks are more separated from toilets. A person seeing water bubble up into a sink may not connect it with a nearby flush, so encourage employees to report such occurrences right away.

If your commercial property has any outdoor drains, check for flooding during and after heavy rains. When a system is clogged, even light, steady rains can result in flooding.

Hydrojetting and Your Business

Commercial establishments such as restaurants and others that rely on the plumbing system as an integral part of their services need regular hydrojetting treatments since a clogged system can be disastrous for business. However, any commercial property will benefit from frequent cleanings. Although we recommend monthly cleaning in general, a Choate’s technician can help you determine the right servicing schedule for your property.

When your building’s plumbing system is working smoothly and efficiently, your business benefits from happier customers and employees, cleaner pipes, lower costs, fewer repairs, less downtime, and better longevity for the system. The service is also quick and pain-free, minimizing disruptions and intrusions and allowing productivity to continue unaffected.

The Additional Benefits of Hydrojetting

The business advantages aren’t the only benefits from commercial hydrojetting. Consider the following other ones:

The service is safe for all types of pipes, so you don’t have to worry about seeking specialized services for what you have.

As the service cleans your pipes, it sanitizes them as well.

Lingering odors from sewage and other materials go away.

It’s an eco-friendly treatment that’s safe for people as well since it doesn’t rely on chemicals, just water.

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