Collierville HVAC Services

Your HVAC—heating, ventilation and air conditioning—system is essential to keeping your home or commercial space comfortable and 100% climate-controlled year-round. So when these systems break or, simply, slow down, it’s a problem—and it’s a problem you can avoid with ongoing maintenance, quality HVAC systems and installation and expert servicing.

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HVAC Installation In Collierville

Air Conditioning Installation

There’s no need to wait until your current HVAC system gives out before investing in something new. Today’s HVAC systems are sleek, easy to operate and energy efficient, helping you save money on your monthly heating and AC bills from day one. More importantly, though, these systems are built to last, ensuring you won’t lose that all-important climate control on a scorching Tennessee day—or a freezing Tennessee night.

Contact the expert team at Choate’s for a free assessment and HVAC product and installation recommendations. During our initial review we’ll review your space as well as your heating and cooling needs. From here, we’ll recommend a system that makes sense, and schedule prompt hvac installation to ensure your space is always comfortable and perfectly climate-controlled.

HVAC Repair In Collierville

Don’t attempt HVAC repairs solo—and don’t wait until your system stops working to schedule maintenance and repairs. Instead, get in touch and schedule your repairs now. Our expert technicians will be onsite fast, ready to assess your HVAC system and deliver targeted, timely repairs on time and on budget.

And if you’re already feeling the chill? Contact us. We’re standing by for emergency repairs around the clock, and can get your HVAC system up and running fast.

New Construction HVAC Installations In Collierville

New constructions deserve an optimal HVAC system—Choate’s can help. We’ll work with you through your build or renovation to match the ideal HVAC to your space, with recommendations spanning products, system designs and even popular ductless and zoning options.

All new constuction projects start with a comprehensive free assessment anad recommendation. During this review Choate factory-trained technicians will walk the property, discuss your needs and budget and, from there, determine the right HVAC options for you. Once approved we’ll jump right into action, managing every step of the process from installation to ongoing maintenance and support. Get in touch to learn more and to schedule your assessment now.

Ductless Heating And Air In Collierville

Ductless heating and air systems are the latest in energy efficient climate control. Increasingly a popular choice for homeowners, these systems ensure consistent warm or cool air from room to room, helping curb costs by targeting usage.

Ideal for new additions or rooms with window AC units or baseboard heating, ductless systems are easy to install with just a small hole drilled into your wall. Once installed, ductless systems are less visible and much quieter than traditional units, and are less likely to let in air or leak.

If you’re considering going ductless, contact us to learn more, review your options and schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’ll review your space, make recommendations and determine the right next steps, from ductless to zoning options to more traditional HVAC solutions


No matter the system you choose, your HVAC is essential to creating a livable, workable environment—but it’s also a big investment. Because we never want our customers to go without the comfort they deserve, Choate’s offers comprehensive financing solutions, with approved credit. Contact us  to learn more, discuss your options and structure low monthly payment options for your new HVAC system.


Get in touch  to learn more about our HVAC upgrade, repair and maintenance options. Whether it’s a quick fix or a full replacement, our expert team can assist in getting you the service and solutions you need, on time and on budget.

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