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As its name indicates, air duct cleaning refers to cleaning the air ducts circulating the air warmed or cooled by your HVAC system. However, the process may also cover other components, such as vents, coils, fans, heat exchangers and drain pans. Air duct cleaning services are particularly vital if you haven't kept up with regular HVAC maintenance appointments or if system components weren't installed correctly. Without proper air duct installation and maintenance of HVAC components, ductwork may accumulate airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, bacteria and fungi. If moisture settles in the system, a mold infestation can bring about allergic reactions. Our duct cleaning services help eliminate air pollutants and enhance indoor air quality efforts.
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Why Choose Choate's for Your Air Duct Cleaning?

Choate's professional air duct cleaning won't completely absolve you from your dusting chores, it offers various benefits that you're likely to note. These include:

  • A cleaner indoor environment: Air duct cleaning primarily helps rid your HVAC system of dust particles. Less dust circulating in the air means you'll spend less time dusting your floors and furniture.
  • Fewer allergens: Air ducts are also notorious for harboring mold spores, mildew, bacteria and airborne toxins that affect allergy/asthma sufferers and those with respiratory problems. Duct cleaning helps prevent these harmful contaminants from circulating in your indoor air and promotes healthy living.
  • Increased HVAC efficiency: Cleaning your ductwork means less debris clogging your HVAC system, and the air flows smoothly with less resistance. Fans and motors will also be under less stress, helping the entire HVAC system to work smoothly for a long time.
  • No more foul odor: Thorough air duct cleaning helps remove bad smells circulating in the air ducts. Such odors typically originate from pets, tobacco, smoke, paint fumes or mold, and a musty smell from ductwork means dust has come in contact with water.

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